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Mission Debrief

Horn of Africa.  At approximately 1245 on 25 Feb 2017, a supply truck – part of a humanitarian-aid convoy – carrying medicine, water and food blew a tire and rolled down a steep embankment.  While no one was hurt in the accident, the supplies were thrown off the truck and littered around the crash site.  There were two other trucks to load the supplies onto.  Recent shipments like this have been hijacked by local militia and used as a means to control villagers.  Intelligence sources predicted a 30-minute safe window before militia arrived on site.
1250:  Task Unit Enoch (TUEnoch) was briefed on the mission.
1300:  TUEnoch undertook the mission and set out on foot.
1330:  Approaching local militia forced TUEnoch to break off contact.
1345:  Confirmation that TUEnoch managed to recover 11,900 lbs of emergency relief supplies.

Mission:  Success

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Special thanks to the athletes and coaches at Crossfit Enoch.

Mission Debriefs


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