Full Mission Profile


A fire broke out last night at a industrial facility containing hazardous material.  Firefighters and emergency workers worked throughout the night to contain the blaze, and have called for reinforcement and replacement manpower.  Upon arriving at the scene, the Incident Commander notified your team that while working on the fire, an emergency worker was injured and trapped in a remote area of the building.  Your team’s task is to locate the injured worker and carry him out.


Quickly equip yourself and conduct search for injured emergency worker.  Provide medical aid at the scene and safely move the worker out of the building.

You have 20 Minutes to complete this task.


Equipment Required:
  • 25lbs backpack or weight vest
  • 20″ Box
  • 60lbs Sand Bag

Wear the 25 pound backpack or weight vest for the entire workout.

Locate Injured Worker –

 5 Rounds of:

  • Run 20 Yards
  • 10 Step Ups (5 on right / 5 on left)
  • 10 Sand Bag Overhead Push Press

Carry Injured Worker to Safety –

5 Rounds of:

  • Run 20 Yards with Sand Bag
  • 5 Box Step Ups with Sand Bag on each shoulder (5 on right / 5 on left)
  • 10 Sand Bag Overhead Push Press

Rest as needed between efforts (when providing medical aid prior to transport).

On the way out, pace yourself and try to keep moving without putting the sand bag down for the entire 5 rounds.

- Warning -

Full Mission Profile workouts are for elite athletes.
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*Full Mission Profiles are fictitious representations of possible real-world scenarios.