While on routine foot patrol in a remote village in the Horn of Aftrica (HOA), your squad received a call that one of the trucks in a  nearby humanitarian aid convoy, carrying vital food, medicine, and supplies for local families blew a tire and veered off the road, rolling over several times down a steep embankment.  Recent shipments like this have been hijacked by militia in the neighboring towns to be sold on the black market, and it is only a matter of time before word spreads and warlords dispatch armed fighters to the scene.  Intel predicts you have about a 30-min window before they will begin to arrive.  There are two other trucks in the convoy that can carry the cargo if your team can get there and transfer it to them in time.


Double-time to the crash site.  While the small contingent of convoy security provides over-watch, your squad must hand-carry all the cargo possible in the one-hour window from the overturned truck up a steep embankment to one of the other trucks.  Supplies have been packaged into three weight classifications – 65lbs, 95lbs, 135lbs (all contain food, medicine, and supplies – just in different quantities).

FMP Workout:

You have 30 minutes to complete the following:

Move to Site

  • 1000 Meter Med Ball Run (20#/16#)

Transfer Cargo

Select one or all of the following weights for your barbell complex (can switch from one weight to another at your discretion):

  • 65#
  • 95#
  • 135#

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in time remaining:

  • Barbell Complex  – 5 Deadlift / 3 Hang Clean / 1 Thruster
  • 10 Yard KB Walking Lunge (35#/53#)
  • 10 Yard KB Waiters Carry (35#/53#)

Carry the kettlebell in the front-rack position for lunges.

Setting weight down at any time is permitted – resume workout from where you left off.

Time begins at start of 1000 meter med ball run.

Workout is designed for Barbell – feel free to use other equipment/implements as desired (KBs, Bumper Plates, Med Balls, Atlas Stones, etc.).

Track weight used & rounds to record total weight of supplies transferred (individually or by a group).

Barbell weight x rounds completed = total weight of supplies recovered

Mission Debriefs

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Full Mission Profile workouts are for elite athletes.
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*Full Mission Profiles are fictitious representations of possible real-world scenarios.