A good training program should be designed with results in mind.

While there are many that meet this criteria, the majority are built on specializing in a single area. This has obvious problems.

  • Weightlifters do not use the program for a runner.
  • Runners do not use the program for a mountain climber.
  • Mountain climbers do not use the program for a triathlete.
  • Triathletes do not use the program for a wrestler.

Which one are you?

I am all of them, and more.

I am a “Warrior Athlete”

Brass Ring Fitness is designed for the Warrior Athlete.

Capable enough to handle any situation.

  • Strength to move a heavy object or subdue an attacker.
  • Speed to make the final push at the end of the race.
  • Power to clear the crevasse.
  • Stamina and endurance to ascend to the top of the mountain.
  • Heart to adventurously live life with purpose.

The Warrior Athlete views their training not as simply a separate time of day where they work and sweat, but as a necessary component of life that merges body, mind, and soul.

The Warrior Athlete does not need a room full of expensive equipment, or someone to stand there to push them to their limit. Their training is an extension of their determination to achieve excellence, and when they train, everyone in the gym watches in awe.

Brass Ring Training is based on:

  • Proven programming that constantly vary exercise and energy production within a specific training objective.
  • Functional movements that follow the design of the human body.
  • High intensity, unconventional methods.

Regardless of whether your personal training objectives are to lose weight, get ripped, or develop specific athletic skills, Brass Ring Fitness Training Programs develop the athlete and the warrior in you by pushing both body and mind to the extreme. This program naturally fosters ideal weight, speed, agility, strength, and explosive power.

Mastering Intensity and Technique

The difference between proficiency and mastery is a vital distinction.

Proficiency is achieved through repetition.

Mastery is achieved through repetition, attention to detail, and intensity. Mastery does not come easily.

When CrossFit founder Greg Glassman talks about this, he often relates the story of the athlete who screams in frustration, “What do you want from me? To do it right – or to do it faster?” His answer: “Yes, that would be great.”

It is easy to perform an exercise with precision and accuracy in a sterile, low intensity environment. The goal of the Warrior Athlete is to push the edge of the envelope; that is to push to the point that technique starts to fray around the edges, and then by force of will—pull it together without losing momentum or accuracy.

The Warrior Athlete is forged in the fire of intense unconventional workouts, hardened by a disciplined approach to physical recovery, and sharpened by an unyielding pursuit of self mastery.

Start Your Training Today!

A "Warrior Athlete" has nothing to do with occupation. It has everything to do with state of mind.
A warrior is unrelenting, focused, humbled by the process, generous with wisdom and ruthlessly attentive to the details.
A warrior is the one running in the cold rain, sweating in the intense heat, willing to pay for perfection in the currency of pain.
Is that you?
We are seekers in search of a better way.
A better way to train.
A better way to think.
A better way to be.
Care to join?
We only get a finite number of trips around the sun. After a certain point, those trips seem to go faster and get more complex. Why not have a bit more fun and get the most out of them?
What we do is hard, make no mistake. The path of the warrior is "simple but not easy". But mastery over self makes each trip around the sun infinitely more fulfilling.
So let's have some fun.