Envision Your Brass Ring

Your Brass Ring, or main goal in life, has got to inspire you to take action. It has to be something that you are passionate about. If it doesn’t get your heart beating a little faster and motivate you to take action whenever you think about it, then you might want to give some thought to why you really want to accomplish it.

For those of you that are interested in a life in Naval Special Warfare, this clip is for you. Enjoy.


Workout of the Day

Pick a good trail for this workout. Wear running shoes or boots.


  • 10 Minutes Easy Intensity (you can talk normally)
  • 15 Minutes Moderate Intensity (only a couple words at a time)
  • 5 Minutes High Intensity (you can hardly breath, much less talk)

Rest 5 Minutes

Turn around and go back in less time than it took you to get there.

Post your return time.