Preface to FMP

The January 2010 earthquake in Haiti devastated an already deprived country, leaving many dead and countless others without even the most basic resources for survival.

Many heard the call to provide assistance to the people affected by this disaster through prayer and/or by making contributions to the Red Cross, Unicef, or their local churches.

Soon after, a friend of mine flew to Haiti to help survivors in any way he could.

Michael Bowen, this FMP is dedicated to you, and all the others like you.



While working as part of an relief mission in Port au Prince, Haiti, your search and rescue team was approached by a group of NATO forces and locals who stated that a large amount of rubble was lying on top of what used to be a pharmacy.  The medical supplies, they said, were badly needed to resupply a nearby aid station that had been over-run with the injured.  They also stated that an ambulance would be coming to collect the medical supplies in 20 minutes with a medical team to load the supplies.


As quickly as possible, remove by hand all rubble, without damaging the badly needed medicine and supplies.  Once all debris is removed, a medical team will collect supplies and load on to ambulance.  You will have 20 minutes to remove all debris.  Because the ambulance is also transporting injured, they will not be able to stop if debris is not cleared.

FMP Workout

Each member of your team must:

  • Deadlift – Males 10,000 lbs / Females 7,000 lbs
  • Clean – Males 5,000 lbs / Females 3,000 lbs


  • Males – Clean 135 lbs and walk 100 Yards
  • Females – Clean 95lbs and walk 100 Yards

Scale your bar for what you can safely lift multiple times

Timer does not stop for any reason

Consider ways you can help those affected by this or other disasters.



- Warning -

Full Mission Profile workouts are for elite athletes.
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*Full Mission Profiles are fictitious representations of possible real-world scenarios.