Ten days ago a NATO convoy was attacked while in Baghdad.  After a protracted firefight, one member or the NATO security team was killed, others wounded, and a NATO diplomat taken hostage.  Recently intel has pinpointed the location of the hostage as being on an abandoned oil rig in the persian gulf.  This platform is also thought to be a location for storing weapons and ordinance.


Lock out from submarine aproximately 12 miles from target objective, and transit by SDV to within swimming distance.

Under the cover of darkness, swim to rig and climb to platform where hostage is being held.  Locate hostage while eliminating any and all threats as quickly as possible.

Place charges on platform to blow any weapons or ordinance caches.

Swim hostage out to small boat pick up location.


  • Swim to Target – Swim 2000 Yards


5 rounds of:

  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 20 Squats

Hostage Rescue

4 rounds of:

  • Run 100 Meters
  • 25 Burpees

Swim to Safety

10 rounds of:

  • Buddy Tow 500 Yards – Man A tow Man B 25 Yards – Man B tow Man A 25 Yards

Mission Timeline:

Swim to Target – 45 min or less

Climb – 5 min or less

Hostage Rescue – 12 min or less

Swim to Safety – 20 min or less


According to the Mission Timeline, you have 1 hour 22 minutes to complete mission.

Swim should be done without fins – worst case scenario

When being Buddy Towed – DON’T HELP!

- Warning -

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