I was driving a few days ago and saw a sign that asked that very question.

That got me to thinking about Brass Ring principles.

  1. Define your Brass Ring – That is “what do you want?”
  2. Envision your Brass Ring – That is to create an image or images that embody getting or becoming what you want.
  3. Chart your course – That is to map out your route to getting what you want.
  4. Act on “the three things” – Consistently work on a small number of action items that can be accomplished in three days / three weeks / three months / three years.
  5. Maintain the balance of your Brass Ring – Revisit principles 1-4 on a regular basis (about every three days).

The sign asked: “How do you get what you want?” The answer that was given: “DO WHATEVER IT TAKES”.

What does all this mean?

The sign represents “Train Hard”. The Brass Ring represents “Train Smart”.

Put them together and you can “Grab your Brass Ring!”