Tips and articles relating to the mental training of the warrior athlete.

Five Basic Tenets

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Tenets of the Warrior Athlete Tenet - def. - a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession. Hard Training – Easy Combat.  Iron discipline in training results in unbreakable will in combat. Faster, not Easier.  In the pursuit of excellence there [...]

The Warrior Ethos

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A peleo-meal for your mind? For the Warrior Athlete, it's every bit as important (if not more) to make critical decisions on what you allow your mind to feed on, as it is what you put in your mouth.  In fitness, I think that this principle is often forgotten.  The Warrior Ethos  Steven Pressfield writes about war.  I [...]

The Agoge Challenge

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The Making of a Warrior In ancient Greece, the City-State of Sparta was renowned for the ferocity of its soldiers and dominance of its military might.  As the only city with no defensive walls, it was said that the soldiers made up the “walls of Sparta”. The strict disciplined training that forged the Spartan soldier was [...]

Mind Gym

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An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence This is a great book for anyone trying to understand how to improve overall performance in any endeavor - not just sport. How does stress/pressure affect performance?  Consider this: Imagine yourself in a parking lot.  On the ground in front of you is a parking stop - the long concrete [...]

Listen To Your Body

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Have you ever noticed that your right quad is stronger than your left? Are you more flexible on one side than you are on the other? Does it matter to you? Balance and Symmetry Most people intuitively know that one side of the body being stronger is not the ideal.  But why is that?  What benefits [...]

Restlessness and Discontent

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"Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress." ~Thomas Edison The beauty of understanding the meaning behind this quote is in the realization that it's OK to not be satisfied with where you are now.  Oddly, the realization allows you to be satisfied with not being satisfied. If you were completely satisfied with your current [...]

Deep Survival

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Take today off to rest the body and feed the mind.  I suggest the book Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales.   Gonzales has written 12 Rules of Survival.  Here is rule number one: Perceive and Believe "Don't fall into the deadly trap of denial or of immobilizing fear. Admit it: You're really in trouble and you're [...]

How do you get what you want?

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I was driving a few days ago and saw a sign that asked that very question. That got me to thinking about Brass Ring principles. Define your Brass Ring - That is "what do you want?" Envision your Brass Ring - That is to create an image or images that embody getting or becoming what you [...]

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