Tenets of the Warrior Athlete

Tenetdef. – a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession.

  1. Hard Training – Easy Combat.  Iron discipline in training results in unbreakable will in combat.
  2. Faster, not Easier.  In the pursuit of excellence there is no end.
  3. Stronger Together.  Warriors are stronger in the presence of warriors, even when they are foes.
  4. Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.  Excellence is the result of self sacrifice and suffering. 
  5. Never Quit.  If I die, I will die with honor.

The Warrior Athlete pursues excellence through SELF MASTERY, not self satisfaction. 

Mastery in any one thing, or all things, begins with the Correct Mindset.  The tenets above comprise the condensed essence of this Mindset.  They work as anchors which will hold you firm in the presence of strong winds and swirling seas that seek to carry away your hope and drown your dreams.

‘Hard Training – Easy Combat’ makes it possible to push to the end of a workout or other task with a warrior’s aggressive attitude.

‘Faster, not Easier’ keeps you searching the horizon for goals to concquer.

‘Stronger Together’ reminds you to constantly search out others with similar objectives, who are hopefully better than you in at least a few area.

‘Comfortable with the Uncomfortable’ lets you know that you should be comfortable only when you are reaching far enough to feel growing pains.

‘Never Quit’ gives you the ability to grit your teeth and push on like a warrior who has only two options – finish with honor or die with honor.

Over the next few weeks, each of these principles will be reviewed in detail.  But until then, post them in a prominent place and begin to commit them to memory, in order to call upon them when you are weary.