Chris Pumroy is a former Marine with combat experience.

More than most, he understands what it is to be a warrior.

Now as president and CEO of Tolero Endurance, Chris continues fighting for those in need.  On October 2nd, Chris is going to start the Furnace Creek 508 ultramarathon bicycle race – what is called the “toughest 48 hours in sport”.  508 miles with 35,000 feet of elevation gain in 48 hours or less in Death Valley.

Tolero Endurance derives its name from the Latin word Tolero, which when literally translated means “to endure or to suffer”. While those stricken with illness courageously endure and suffer, Chris does the same in his own capacity, in a pursuit to raise money to help them.

“You are not alone, we’re fighting for you and we will never quit. Our integrity is above reproach, our resolve to fight this fight is unshakeable, and our stamina cannot be outmatched.”

Here’s what Chris has to say about the upcoming event:

I will be racing in the Furnace Creek 508 ultra-marathon cycling race in Death Valley, California in October (2-4). This world premier race is ranked by National Geographic as one of the top-ten toughest endurance events on the planet-508 miles in 48 hours nonstop with temperatures exceeding 115F while crossing 10 mountain ranges, and a total elevation gain of 37,000 feet. This event is invitational only and limited to 200 racers.

The reason I am doing this race is to raise money for children with cancer at the Kadlec Regional Medical Center. My organization, Tolero Endurance has partnered with Kadlec to make a difference in the lives of sick children. My reasons for wishing to do this can be found on our website, the appropriate link is listed below.

September 3, 2010, we went public as an organization, after 13 months of hard work. Because of the short timeframe before the race, together with Kadlec we set a common and conservative goal of $10,000 between now and October 4, the end of the big race. To my astonishment at the press conference on September 3, Steve Anderson, the Chief Operating Officer and VP of HAPO Community Credit Union presented us with a $10,000 check on behalf of our efforts, and for Kadlec.

We made our initial goal of 10k in the first 10 minutes of going public! We reevaluated our fundraising goals, as HAPO set a new benchmark for us. Our new target goal is $75,000.

This effort is not just me. This is a grassroots community effort that takes everyone. There are a lot of moving parts, and without everyone making an effort, our goal will not be met. Before the press conference, I visited with children at Kadlec that are dying now. They are in desperate need of treatment, and $75,000 has the potential by virtue of size to literally save a life. I encourage everyone to donate. Those who wish to donate may do so however they want—you can sponsor me by the mile, or make one-time donation. There is no donation too small—the old cliché “every penny counts” is certainly true here.

I hope that my efforts will encourage folks to donate. I have observed three intrinsic characteristics that are true of cancer. First, it is very painful. Second, it takes a tremendous amount of intestinal fortitude to see through treatment, and lastly, despite how hard one try’s, and despite the best medical treatment, sometimes things just don’t work out how we would like. These are precisely the reasons I chose to “race for cancer”. More traditional methods of fundraising such as golf tournaments, and car-washes do not draw close enough parallels to cancer. Endurance events in contrast do. They are painful, and it takes a tremendous amount of commitment. And despite how hard I try in the Furnace Creek 508, things may not work out in my favor. I will however make one promise to those that will support my efforts by donating-I promise I will suffer a tremendous amount of physical, emotional, and mental pain despite what happens-whether I make it or not, this is going to hurt. This is active fundraising. I will suffer on behalf of others. I will suffer so others don’t have to, because no matter how bad it hurts, my struggle is over in 48 hours, theirs is not!

Donating is simple, and safe. Please donate! It’s easy to forget about these types of things, I have done it many times myself. It’s easy to spend $5 on lunch, rather than donate. It’s easy until it’s your child, or until you see a child that is dying, right here in our community. We can make a difference, but it will take everyone using compounding efforts. A little donation goes a long way when it is multiplied many, many times. I hope everyone will choose to do the right thing.

Donating takes just seconds, it is absolutely secure, and the Kadlec Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (tax deductible donations/charitable contributions).

Doing nothing is making a choice and doing something is remarkable-

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