By: Aly Willier

The face of a Warrior can take on many different looks.

No matter how it appears, whether as a soldier, an athlete, or anything else,  it depicts an individual that prepares themselves to fight against all odds and pulls from deep within to bring out their best capabilities.

Being a warrior goes beyond just fighting to win.  A warrior maintains a disciplined mindset to fight for their best capabilities and strive to achieve their goals despite any setbacks that may come in their way.  When defeat is present, a Warrior will see an opportunity, and against the odds, fight with every fiber of their being.

The Warrior Athlete is the individual that others emulate due to their tenacity and drive and ability focus their mind to accomplish the goals that they have set out in front of them.

This past weekend at the SoCal Regional Crossfit Qualifiers, Max Fernandez encompassed the warrior spirit and delivered an outstanding performance, defining true Warrior Athleticism.

A week before the qualifiers, Max Fernandez, head trainer and Owner of CrossFit South County in Aliso Viejo CA, was in a devastating car crash that totaled his vehicle and left him bruised and busted.  His passion for teaching, made it imperative to put his own training on hold and focus all of his energy on his clients for his Crossfit Community.  As a Warrior Athlete, he knew that by putting his mind and power into what he could control, the end result would pay off.  Not able to train the whole week before the qualifiers would put many ordinary people into a mindset of discouragement.  However, Max emulates the power of positive thinking, controlling what can be controlled and digging deep when it comes to competing.

Putting everything he had into the qualifiers, Max ended up finishing 7th Overall.  The actions of the Warrior Athlete was defined when he demonstrated the capabilities of achieving success through discipline and inner drive, in the face of formidable obstacles that others might use as an excuse to pull out or quit.

Max of Crossfit SouthCounty is an icon of what it means to fight for everything in life and work and demonstrates this everyday by establishing a solid Crossfit Community and offering elite coaching.  It is a Warrior who sacrifices for others and delivers extraordinary performances on a daily basis.  This Warrior Athlete showed the true nature of the Warrior at the Qualifiers when he competed with extraordinary vigilance and drive.

The Warrior Athlete is just a phrase; however, each individual has the ability to bring the qualities of the Warrior to life.  Goals are only met when individuals clearly define them and then drive to reach and attain them.  Fighting with everything you have, to know that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Congratulations to Max on an amazing accomplishment at the SoCal Regional Qualifiers.  Your Warrior Spirit is inspiring and rewarding to all who are fighting to accomplish their goals in life.

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