While climbing in Washington State, you and your climbing partner hear yells from a climber who fell off a 60 foot cliff and suffered a tibial plateau fracture of the right leg.   While your partner stays with the fallen climber who is completely unable to walk, it is imperative that you get to a nearby Ranger Aid station quickly.


With roughly only 3 hours of daylight left, it is essential that you climb up the cliff and reach the Ranger Station aproximately 2 miles away in 1.5 hours or less so that the Rangers can coordinate a rescue mission before darkness falls.


Phase I – The Climb

  • With a 50 lbs vest or pack:
  • 500 Box Step Ups (R + L = 1) – Use 14″ Box.  See Notes for Ice Climbing set up.

Phase II – Two Miles of Pain

  • With a 50 lbs vest or pack:   Run 2 Miles


You must complete both the climb and the run in 1.5 hours or less to give the Rangers enough time to reach your partner and the fallen climber.


Ice Climbing Set Up

Attach a belt or rope to a pull up bar to act as your ice axes for the climb.

When stepping up onto the box with the right leg, pull on the rope or belt with your right arm.

When stepping up onto the box with your left leg, pull on the rope or belt with your left arm.

After beginning the climb, you cannot step away from the box.

Wear a 50 lbs vest or pack for the entire workout.

Special Thanks to John Frieh of Portland, Oregon for his assistance in this FMP.

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