You are an Alaska Smokejumper stationed out of Fairbanks Alaska.

At 1400 you get a call to go to a fire somewhere in the Tanana Zone. You have two minutes to be on the plane after the siren goes off.

When you arrive to the fire it is determined that there will be two, two man sticks of jumpers. The fire intensity is moderate and is approximately 20 acres burning in black spruce. You circle the fire and throw streamers to gauge the wind.

You are first out the door and you and the second stick of jumpers land at the designated jump spot without incident but your jump partner chose an alternative landing site at the last minute and you cannot reach him on the radio. You hike up a small ridgeline to try and establish communications with him while the other two jumpers get ready to accept paracargo.

You have been hiking for about 15 minutes when you pick up a transmission from your jump partner. He took a hard landing and he believes that he broke his femur. He gives you a GPS coordinate and you realize that he is a little too close to the active fire perimeter for comfort.


Get to your jump partner and carry him back to the jump spot which will serve as the extraction point.

The spot needs a considerable amount of saw work in order for the helicopter to land. The ship will be at the LZ in approximately 30 min and the spot will need to be complete by then. The second stick of jumpers has an EMT and will stabilize the patient while you and his jump partner clear out the LZ.


Gear up and get to the aircraft (must be completed in 2 min)-

3 rounds of:

  • Run 50 yds
  • 5 burpees
  • Rest 5 min

Leave the aircraft and land safely at the jump spot-

2 rounds of:

  • 15 box jumps
  • 15 walking lunges

Locate your jump partner-

  • Hike 1 mile with 30-50lb pack (trail with moderate to steep terrain is preferred)

Get your jump partner back to the jump spot-

  • Run 1 mile with pack and heavy KB or sandbag on shoulder.

Cut out LZ for MEDEVAC-

As many rounds as possible in 30 min:

  • 10 KB snatches Right arm
  • 10 KB snatches Left arm
  • 15 squats

Special Thanks to Matt Score of Boise, ID for this FMP.

Matt is a Wildland Firefighter who has worked on numerous hot shot crews.

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