Class: Military: Tactical Search and Rescue (TSAR)

Mission: Downed Pilot Rescue

In Tactical Search and Rescue, no matter what the conditions, there are some who are prepared to do whatever it takes so… “that others may live”.

While flying a CAS (Close Air Support) mission, an A-10 pilot took shrapnel in the aircraft’s tail section and was forced to eject from the aircraft.

After making radio contact with the TOC (Tactical Operations Center), the pilot was directed to move to a nearby location with little activity and plenty of cover.


While the TOC stays in contact with the pilot and monitors satellite imagery, your team will prepare for the Rescue Operation.

While conducting training, it is important to remember that your physical readiness will mean the difference between getting, or not getting, the pilot out of bear country.

The Operation Code Name for your TSAR mission is “BEAR COUNTRY”.

FMP Workout:

The TOC (Tactical Operation Center) has cleared your team for OPERATION: BEAR COUNTRY.

It is imperative that you work quickly and efficiently, and remember that the underlying reason for this workout is “that others may live”.

Equipment Required:

  • 40lbs Med Pack
  • Road or Trail (Trail Preferred)

Insert  —  Max Time = 40 Minutes

  • 4 Mile Ruck Run/March with Pack

Actions at Objective

  • 100 Med Pack Thrusters

Extract —  Max Time = 20 Minutes

  • 2 Mile Ruck Run/March with Pack


The objective for training today is push your pace to make the cut off times for the insert and extract.

You should do the thrusters in the ‘actions at the objective’ in 3 sets or less.

Watch the elapsed time to ensure that you make the cut off and do not rest in between elements.

- Warning -

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