Full Mission Profile – “Mending Bridges”

//Full Mission Profile – “Mending Bridges”

Full Mission Profile – “Mending Bridges”

OPERATION: “Mending Bridges”


It is widely known that Taliban cells have aggressively targeted NATO and US Military travel routes with improvised explosive devices (IEDs). In general, due to the armored equipment now in use, damages have been minimized. As a result, Taliban forces have sought out larger targets to disrupt the flow of transportation.

Due to a heightened awareness of the enemy’s intentions to cause breakdowns in movement, Military intelligence has been watching closely for any indications of activity. As of 2230 last night, that increase in alertness paid off.

Taliban forces have rigged an important bridge with an unknown amount of explosives, and what is thought to be a pressure sensor in the middle of the bridge to function as a detonator. There may be other detonation sources. A precursory look at the explosive chain shows that it is fairly rudimentary and can be safely removed.

The entire area around the bridge is secure.


Make safe and remove explosives. Once explosives are removed, safely blow all ordinance.


EOD team will free fall into area and proceed to bridge on foot under heavy packs. At approximately 2 kilometers from bridge, team will transition to diving equipment and swim remaining distance to bridge.

Actions at the Objective:

Once at the base of the bridge, and still underwater, inspect and remove charges. Once all charges are removed underwater, team will transition to harness and climbing equipment and ascend bridge from bottom to top, removing charges along the way.


Upon reaching the top of the bridge, team will radio for helo pick up. All explosives, including chain and detonator will be safely disposed of approximately 1 kilometer from bridge, where helo will rendezvous with team.


Although the area is secure, this is enemy territory. Once the actions at the objective have begun, the entire operation should not exceed 35 minutes.



Rucksack Run 1 mile (50lbs)

Swim 2000 Yards or Meters

Actions at the Objective – Start Timeline (35 minutes)

50 – 35 – 20

  • Pull Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Box Jumps
  • Thrusters (65lbs)


Rucksack Run 1 Mile (50lbs)


Work fast, but remember that when dealing with explosives it’s more important to do it right. Use perfect form on your exercises.

Mission is fictitious.

– Warning –

This workout is for elite athletes.

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  1. danodec October 25, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Hey guys. I did this one today. It was long and tough, the 50# ruck is no joke and forced me to plod along at a 13:30-14:30 pace. I did 1000yd CSS and 1000yd CSS w/fins for the swim. The AAO took me 31:02 with thrusters being the whammy out of the group. Total time 1:57:34, lonnnng but it felt good when I was finished. It’s good to go long like this sometimes.

    For those of you who try it, just keep trucking. It’s a good combo-WOD. Enjoy it!

  2. evan h October 25, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    ord this was a great work out. wess B and i did this mission at the Y. we started the run with 25 lbs in our backpack. i think wess.B has the stroke down after the 2000yd swim. as soon as we jumped out of the pool the clock started. the pull ups were the hardest thing for me after i got to 25 i could only do 7 at a time. then we had to get creative for the box jomps since the Y doesnt have the right equiptment. wess B. struggled through the pull ups but i just had to ask him ( how bad do you want it? )and he kept pressing on. we were at 49.6 minuts when we finished the work out. we ran to the squar track from up stairs and had to go right into the run at 51.4 minutes. we couldnt run with the weight to the extraction zone because our legs were shot after the insertion and thrusters so we finished the workout at 58.49. for anyone doing this workout take it easy with the first mile because the rest is a bitch. well if you beet my time make sure you post it.

  3. Wes B October 26, 2008 at 1:06 am

    Ord, Evan and I did this work out. The pull ups where the hardest part. I am getting the combat Side Stroke down after 3 days in the pool, We completed the work out before time ran out. The pull ups were hard for me because after so many my arms felt like jelly, and after all the thrusters Evan and i didnt run with the weight in our packs but we did the mile in a little under 8 mins.
    Good work out look foward to doing more of these.

  4. Andrea B. November 29, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    It’ll be a while before I take on anything this ambitious, but the CSS is finally starting to come along, and hopefully the pullups will too.

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