The value placed on workout techniques is what separates Olympians from everyday gym rats.

Mastering Intensity and Technique

The difference between proficiency and mastery is a vital distinction. Proficiency is achieved through repetition. Mastery is achieved through repetition, attention to detail, and intensity. Mastery does not come easily.

When CrossFit founder Greg Glassman talks about this, he often relates the story of the athlete who screams in frustration, “What do you want from me? To do it right – or to do it faster?” His answer: “Yes, that would be great.”

It is easy to perform an exercise with precision and accuracy in a sterile, low intensity environment. Our goal with this Extreme Fitness movement is to push you to your limits; to push you to the point that you start to fray around the edges, and then by force of will—pull it together without losing momentum or accuracy.

Do it right. Do it faster.

Back to Basics

Whether the following workout techniques are new to you, or you’ve been doing them for decades, pretend you are learning them for the first time. Go through each exercise, really study the pictures and carefully read the instructions.

We are looking for mastery, not slop.

Notice how much more difficult it is to execute proper squats. In athletic excellence, the difference between and 87 degree squat and a 100 degree squat is everything. Mastery is not easy. If you have always been able to do 100 OK push ups in a minute, but with excellent technique you can only pull off 75, then do 75. As Einstein said: “There are some things which can be counted that do not count…”

Exercise Safety – Pushing the Limits vs. Falling through the Ice

In training, the objective is to move forward along the pathway to extreme fitness. Anything that poses a threat of derailing you from that objective must be removed. Far too often, athletes fall prey to the “too-far-too-fast” mentality and end up injured. Developing a workout technique strategy for making progress without injury is essential when the plan is to push the envelope. Check out the Frozen Pond (article coming soon) to learn how to develop and execute an effective strategy.

With Great Technique Comes Great Power and Speed

Executing technical proficiency in simple and complex functional movements, and then safely pushing your limits, results in explosive power and speed. Are you ready?

Training + Practice = Power and Speed

Skills you will develop with this program, concentrating on form, accuracy, intensity, and repetition: Training

  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility


  • Accuracy
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination

Brass Ring Fitness utilizes guerrilla-like tactics – high intensity unconventional training methods, functional movement, CrossFit workouts, mobile equipment, and the “tools” at hand in the natural environment.

Combine these elements and an effective CrossFit workout program to create:

The Best Workouts Known to Man

What are “Guerilla tactics?”

  • High intensity, unconventional training methods: Push yourself to the absolute limit for as long as you can, rest only as long as absolutely necessary, and then do it again.
  • Functional movement: These are the movements that follow the design of the human body. Real movements that you may use in your everyday life outside of the gym. Seriously, when was the last time you used a bicep curl in the real world?
  • Crossfit workouts: CrossFit is the elite training program created by Greg Glassman which is sweeping the elite fitness addicts across the world. These are some of the hardest people you will ever meet. BrassRing Fitness takes Glassman’s revolution out of the gym and into the wild.
  • Mobile equipment and “tools” in the environment: Anything you can lift, carry, push, shove, drop, or throw.

Regardless of whether your personal training objectives are to lose weight, get ripped, or develop specific athletic skills, these muscle-building workouts develop the athlete and the warrior in you by pushing both body and mind to the extreme. BrassRing Fitness naturally fosters ideal weight, speed, agility, strength, and explosive power.

Follow one of the workout programs for 12 weeks and see for yourself. After box jumps on picnic tables, wind sprints in the park, and overhead kettlebell tosses – the leg extension machine will just seem ridiculous.

What do you need to get started? As much or as little as you want. The articles in the Guerilla Training section will give advice on how to get started with almost no equipment, utilizing the natural tools in your environment:

  • Tables
  • Cars Open fields
  • City streets Trails
  • Playground equipment
  • Jugs of water
  • Backpacks
  • Bicycles
  • Trees
  • High Rises
  • Mountains
  • Even your kids or partners

With just a little imagination, there is no limit to your resources. All of these items (and people) can become your allies in this quest for Extreme Fitness.

I challenge you to twelve weeks on the Basic Training program and I guarantee that you will be a convert for life, moving more efficiently and looking great, wondering to yourself how we ever let ourselves get so soft as to create padded machines that do our workouts for us (The Dot? Come on! Just do a squat already).

Take the challenge. You’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe a spare tire.

Is Brass Ring Fitness easy? Of course not! But that’s just the way we like it.