CrossFit Reno hosted an awesome FMP Workout.

In all there were 16 athletes that took part. They were broken into 3 separate squads.

Squad Alpha was a 4 man element. They did an awesome job of getting to the Objective in well under the allotted time. Their teamwork was good and they maintained positive communication throughout. Technique could have been better though, as they seemed to favor speed over accuracy. Need more discipline on that.

Squad Bravo was a 6 person element that achieved the objective with a little over a minute to spare. On the extract they broke up into smaller fire teams and finished in groups of 2. There was excellent camaraderie in the team and everyone gave their very best.

Squad Charlie was a 5 person element that acted as sterilization team that ensured the explosive charges did their job. They reached the objective in about 56 minutes, then took a slightly different route to the extract point. Charlie was maybe the most motivating team I’ve worked with in a long time. These were athletes that were taken to the extreme of their abilities. It was awesome to see the warriors within them rise up and continue to meet the challenge.

This mission was a Total Success! There were no casualties, and everyone carried their own weight.

Hoo-Yah BattleBorn CrossFit!